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CHRIS BOURNEA Headshot Feb17 20.jpg

Chris Bournea is a 

writer and filmmaker.

My Work

Lady Wrestler New Movie Poster.jpg

To download a free souvenir booklet with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and bios of the legends featured in the new documentary "Lady Wrestler," click here

The documentary "Lady Wrestler: The Amazing, Untold Story of African-American Women in the Ring" is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Stream it now by clicking here.

2020 Hindsight Cover.jpg

"2020 Is Hindsight": When a 1990 teen wishes to fast-forward time, his future self appears and describes 2020: Generation X idols like Prince are dead and Paula Abdul is doing arthritis medicine commercials. This supernatural short story conveys a timeless message of learning to appreciate the here and now. To download for free, click this link>

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